Motor insurance in France

What is motor insurance in France and what should you know about it? Are you planning to go to France with your own car and are you wondering whether it is worth investing additional funds to purchase a motor insurance? Want to buy a car in France and wonder if it is worth taking out insurance and what the costs are?

Is it compulsory in France to take out motor insurance for a car?

Under French law, the obligation to take out motor insurance applies to all owners of vehicles – regardless of whether you plan to travel in France by bicycle, motorcycle or passenger car.

As a user of French roads, you are required by law to take out compulsory motor insurance for your car. Motor insurance for a French car according to the French law is mandatory, therefore, it applies to anyone who wants to legally drive on public roads regardless of the length of their stay.

The scope of motor insurance – what factors does it depend on?

In France, the amount of motor insurance for a car depends primarily on the car make and model, the age of the car, the scope of insurance and protection and the detailed terms of insurance and the duration of the contract. Therefore, you should consider several motor insurance offers, compare the scope of protection and choose the most suitable ones for you. Always pay special attention to the detailed scope of motor insurance.

When calculating the motor insurance premium, consider other important factors, such as the age of the driver and the history of the vehicle, which affects the amount of the insurance premium.

There are several ways you can take out a motor insurance policy for a car in France:

  • You can buy motor insurance for your car from the competent broker;
  • You can check what motor insurance offers are offered by banks;
  • You can consider taking out motor insurance for your car with an independent insurance agent after carefully comparing the offers of several different agents.

What are the costs of taking out insurance for a car registered in France?

For young drivers, the average annual amount for car insurance in France ranges from EUR 1,200 to EUR 1,500. The amount of the premium for young drivers also depends on the driver’s experience, whether the car is collision-free, the car model and engine power.

Higher motor insurance costs apply to drivers with a bad vehicle history. If, for example, you have been the perpetrator of a road accident in the past, you must face the higher costs of motor insurance in France.

Consequences of travelling in France by car without motor insurance

Want to know the implications of not having a valid motor insurance policy for a car in France? A driver who does not have motor insurance for the car must pay a fine of EUR 3,750! And that’s not all. In addition to the fine itself, the driver may have his driving license revoked or suspended for a period of 3 years including the impounding of the vehicle s/he uses on French roads.

What was the cost of car insurance in France in 2021 in individual regions of France?

The prices of motor insurance for cars varied depending on the car make, model and country region.

In Brittany, the average car insurance premium was approx. EUR 545.32. On the other hand, the value for motor insurance in Normandy in 2021, was approx. EUR 571. The cheapest motor insurance could be purchased in the Nouvelle-Aquaitaine region with a premium of approx. EUR 583.

The most expensive motor insurance rates in France are: Corsica – EUR 829, Provence-Alpes-Côtes-d’Azur – EUR 756 and Ile-De-France with an insurance value of approx. EUR 718.

What factors influence the motor insurance premiums for your car?

The amount of the motor insurance premium is influenced by many factors, such as the age and type of the car, the history of the vehicle (e.g. no previous motor vehicle accidents), the scope of the protection you are interested in, the risk assessment by an agent depending on your profession, and even the purpose to use your car (whether only for travel or, for example, for work in France).

Why is it worth buying motor insurance for a French car?

Imagine that your customer wants to drive on French roads safely and legally. Due to mandatory regulations, each of your customers needs to purchase motor insurance coverage in France for a registered vehicle.

Under applicable French law, to drive a car on public roads, you must have motor insurance to protect you from the consequences of accidents and too high costs.

For these reasons, your customer who wants to buy a car in France needs motor insurance, which will provide them with adequate protection during their stay in France.

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Motor insurance in France

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