How do you register a car imported from Poland in Germany?

Cars from Poland are cheaper than their counterparts in Germany. This applies both to new and used cars. The registration of an imported car in Germany requires the fulfilment of a number of formalities. In this article, we give you some hints on how to register a car imported from Poland in Germany.

What documents are needed to register an imported car in Germany?

Before visiting the vehicle registration office, you need to prepare the required documents. Thanks to this, the registration process will be fast and problem-free.

The following documents are required to register a vehicle imported from Poland:
● identity document;
● car liability insurance with eVB number;
● the vehicle’s certificate of technical inspection;
● completed 032021 form, on the basis of which your bank account will be charged with road tax;
● German number plates – you can buy them online or at one of the many stationary points.

When registering a new car imported from Poland, a certificate of conformity issued by the vehicle manufacturer (CoC Papiere) must be presented. In the case of a used car, it is required to present a Polish registration certificate.

Once you have pieced together all of the above-mentioned documents, you can arrange an appointment at a local vehicle registration office. Depending on the status of the car, choose the branch that registers new or used vehicles.

How do you perform a technical inspection of an imported car?

The technical inspection of the imported car is carried out on the same basis as for cars coming from the German market. For this purpose, the date of inspection should be registered at the chosen motor vehicle diagnostic station.

The validity of a vehicle’s technical inspection certificate depends on its age. New cars must go to the next inspection only after 36 months. Used cars, less than seven years old – after 24 months, and older ones – after 12 months.

The presentation of the technical inspection certificate is crucial for the registration of the imported vehicle in Germany. Therefore, it is best to arrange an appointment at the vehicle registration office only after obtaining the certificate.

How do I buy liability insurance for an imported car?

Every car registered in Germany must have liability insurance. Before registering the imported vehicle, it must be purchased at the chosen insurance company. After paying the premium, you will then receive the eVB number necessary to register your vehicle in Germany.

How much does it cost to register a car imported from Poland?

The cost of registering an imported car in Germany may vary depending on the region in which the vehicle is registered, as well as the amount of the premium for compulsory liability insurance.

The prices for the various stages of registration of the imported vehicle are as follows:
● fee for registering a car in the vehicle registration office – approx. EUR 30;
● number plates – from EUR 20 to EUR 40;
● car technical inspection – from EUR 80 to EUR 150;
● liability insurance – the amount depends on the vehicle parameters and the owner’s data and insurance history.

Registration of a car imported from Poland is not particularly complicated, but it is important to remember about the key elements of this process, so that there are no difficulties along the line.

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