Car registration and formal requirements in Italy

Are you planning to buy a car in Italy and want to know how to go through the registration process smoothly, step by step? Importing a vehicle from any country in Europe to Italy and registering it requires knowledge of the law and compliance with the registration obligation within the applicable deadlines. Find out what to keep in mind to successfully register your imported car in Italy.

How do I register a car in Italy?

The process of registering a car in Italy is quite complicated, so it is worth carefully reviewing the applicable legal requirements and regulations.

If you buy a new or used car on Italian territory – you must register it and be a resident of Italy. This obligation applies to any vehicle user who plans to use the car for a minimum of 12 months on Italian roads.

There are two ways to register a car imported from any EU country in Italy.

The first is to register the vehicle at the Civil Motoring office so that, once the vehicle documents have been approved, you can make a reservation with the PRA (Pubblico Registro Automobilistico) after obtaining the appropriate application at the STA, the Sportello Telematico dell’ Automobilista.

Whether you want to register a new or used car, any vehicle can be registered at these offices.

However, when registering a vehicle, you must bear in mind the restrictions imposed by its country of origin. If you want to register a car imported from outside the EU – you must first apply for car registration at the Motorizzazione Civile.

What is the procedure for registering a car imported from outside the EU with the Italian Motorizzazione Civile?

Registering a foreign car with the Italian Motorizzazione Civile consists of several steps. The first step is a thorough check of all the documents submitted for the vehicle, including the technical data.

After this analysis, if all the documents are in order, you will receive a registration certificate allowing you to go to the PRA to proceed with further administrative tasks.

How does the PRA register a car?

Suppose you wish to register a new or used vehicle imported from any EU country. In that case, you must register the vehicle within 60 days of receiving your car registration certificate from the Civil Motoring office.

To register a vehicle with the PRA, you must have correctly completed and valid documents, such as:
• European certificate of conformity with a valid Italian car registration;
• a statement of vehicle registration issued by the car manufacturer;
• as a precaution, it is also a good idea to have a statement of vehicle ownership with your signature and a valid car sale document;
• a photocopy of a valid identity card of the purchaser together with a valid residential address;
• a photocopy of the registration certificate issued by the Civil Registry Office;
• a duly completed NP2D form, if you have a notarised deed of sale of the car, together with the legible signature of the seller (in the case of new vehicles) and the necessary stamps. If you are registering the car yourself – form NP2C is sufficient;
• if you are buying a car for a company – you must have a stamped certificate from the Chamber of Commerce, or a special declaration from an authorised representative of the company;
• in the absence of bilateral agreements, registering a vehicle with the PRA requires all the above documents in Italian, together with a suitable translation by a consular translator certified by a certificate of conformity.

What should you know about the car registration process in Italy, deadlines, and penalties?

If you live in the country and have bought a car for private use and wish to register it, you must complete the administrative obligations within 60 days of purchasing the vehicle.

You are at risk if you do not register your car by this deadline. Namely, according to Article 132 of the Italian Road Traffic Code, the authority may withdraw your vehicle registration certificate, and you must pay a fine of between €711 and €2,848.

If the vehicle registration is delayed – the Italian authorities may seize your car until you pay the fine and re-register it. Furthermore, you must bear in mind that you have 180 days to pay the fine and re-register your vehicle, calculated from the time of the administrative procedure.

What documents are necessary to register a car in Italy?

Registering an imported car in Italy requires a thorough knowledge of Italian law.

When registering an imported car as an owner, you must have the following documents:
• a valid vehicle registration certificate;
• proof of ownership, e.g., in the form of a VAT invoice with the car dealer’s VAT number
• excise duty paid;
• paid tax on the ownership and use of a car (the so-called bollo auto) within the prescribed period (except in certain Italian regions, where the tax obligation has been waived from 3 to 5 years after the registration of the car and electric, hybrid, LPG and vehicles adapted to transport people with disabilities). A tax discount of 50% applies to vintage cars over 30 years old;
• proof of valid insurance for the imported vehicle;
• European or national certificate of conformity (when importing new cars to Italy).

What car registration fees are required?

The fees associated with registering a foreign car are variable and depend on several factors: type of vehicle, carbon footprint, and engine type. Every car is subject to mandatory fixed administrative fees:
• ACI fee – €27
• stamp duty for registering a car with the PRA – €32 (if the CdP application form is used) or €48 (if the NP3B form is used). Payments are only accepted with debit cards – no other payment methods are allowed.
• DDT stamp duty – €32
• regional tax depends on Italy’s specific region, ranging from 1.23% to 3.33%.
• the fee for issuing a car registration certificate –€10.20
• Stamp duty for issuing a car registration certificate – €16.

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