Car Insurance in International Transportation

Do you want to buy new or used cars for resale? Do you want to order them and be sure they will safely reach you? Or maybe you are looking for a car for your client, and you want to make sure that the vehicle insurance will protect you from the costs of any repairs and guarantee compensation payment in the case of theft? Check out what distinguishes each type of car insurance in transport.

What are the car insurances in transport?

Do you want to buy a car for your client and want to have car insurance during transportation? Are you interested in imported cars from Poland at good prices and care about high transaction security along with the lowest commissions in Europe?

Do you not want to worry about any negative consequences during the transportation of the car to your client and gain peace of mind? Do you want to buy a new or used vehicle with a good service history and proper insurance coverage during transportation? Cars4Europe is the right place for you! Check out the transport insurances we use in our daily work to prepare and properly secure our clients’ cars for transport.

The following types of car insurance will allow you to further increase the safety of the transported car and provide you with the appropriate protection during transportation. Check out the differences between the various types of transport insurance.

Cargo insurance – is a type of insurance used by entrepreneurs who want to protect their cargo from theft, fire, or the risk of damage during transport. Cargo insurance is an excellent way to supplement traditional liability insurance, so it is worth taking advantage of it. In such cases, car insurance guarantees coverage of any damages and allows entrepreneurs to secure themselves financially.

While this type of insurance is not mandatory, it is worth purchasing to further secure the car for travel and to make claims if necessary.

More and more customers who buy cars want greater security guarantees during transport, so this form of insurance increases security. Meanwhile, it allows entrepreneurs to financially protect themselves in case of damages.

The insurance coverage guarantees compensation for the entrepreneur who commissioned the car transport up to the amount specified in the contract. Compensation is possible in the event of damage, loss of the car during travel, or in the event of other car damage not attributable to the carrier’s fault, up to the amount specified in the contract, such as damage caused by external factors like flooding, earthquake, or robbery.

The liability insurance for road hauliers – is a type of voluntary insurance that concerns road carriers. This type of insurance provides financial security for entrepreneurs who delegate the transport of valuable goods, such as cars, and want to ensure that the vehicle arrives safely to the customer without any damage, theft, or other harm. Therefore, liability insurance for carriers is an important guarantee for entrepreneurs that their cargo is properly secured during transport and can be entrusted to a given carrier. In turn, the transport company carrying out the transport can also gain financial protection thanks to this insurance. In the event of theft of the car, damage, or natural disaster, the insurer pays compensation.

Liability insurance effectively protects the car from theft, mechanical damage, for example during transport, or in unpredictable situations such as fire or other types of damage caused by external factors, such as a tree falling on the car during a storm.

New and used cars from Europe with insurance for your clients!

Are you looking for a place where you can order cars for dealers? Are you concerned about the safety of the transaction as well as the safe transport of the car for the customer?

You don’t have to worry about that with us, because we insure both new vehicles for car dealers and cars for car dealerships. With us, you can be sure that every car is properly insured and safe during transport. Check out our service and conveniently, quickly, and without restrictions find a car for your customer.

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Additionally, we’ve introduced many conveniences specifically for you on our website, such as the ability to propose your own price for the car. If you want to take advantage of this option, simply provide us with your proposed price for the car, and we’ll analyze it and get back to you with an answer.

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Car insurance in nternational transport

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